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Where I get drunk and review the bottom shelf.

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About Big Dick Enterprise

A Big Bitch


A big boy with a big set of slurs to throw around.

Shallow Penetration


It’s another Podcast I’m working on where we literally have no clue what we’re even talking about. Co-created by Tim Johnson and his cousin Farmer Greg.

I'm up for any more if you guys want


I just bought all this podcasting equipment so shoot me an email if you want me to know/talk about anything.


We’ll have Guests


I’ll try to have interesting people to call gay.

Cute Dick Chris


He is a co-host and producer of Shallow Penetration. Former ICE agent who had his enormous dick lobbed off in a freak toilet flush incident. He was then skin grafted the world's cutest dick.

Big Al Johnson


Tim Johnson's brother is not really worth mentioning but hey he's family.

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